Introducing Certain Web Services API

Certain provides access to your data on Certain through web services from our secure application programming interface (API). To use this feature, you should be familiar with software development, web services, and the Certain user interface.

This feature is enabled for all customers that have subscribed to the Web Services module. You will need a login and password to Certain in order to access Web Services. In addition, you must also have a valid API key for each account that you need to access data through the web services. If you do not have a key, please send an email to and include the name of your account.

Integrate Certain and Your Applications with the Certain Web Services API

The Certain Web Services API allows you to integrate your Certain account with other software applications, for example:

Standards Compliance

Certain Web Services API is implemented to comply with the following specifications:

Standard Name Website
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
Web Service Description Language (WSDL) 1.1

Development Platforms

Certain Web Services API works with SOAP and REST protocols for exchanging data on development platforms, including, but not limited to, ColdFusion, .NET, Java and PHP.

Certain Web Services API Support

If you are having difficulties connecting, please test your key to make sure it is valid by calling authenticateAPIKey method. For more information, please read our support policy.

Web Service Deployment Notifications

To assist us with capacity planning, we require advanced notification for the following activities. Please contact Technical Support with your plans.

In addition, your use of the Certain Web Services API is governed by our Terms of Use.